AladdinDAO Liquidity Mining Tutorial
Step 1: Deposit tokens into the Vault to get an original income and aldToken as proof of deposit
Step 2: Stake the aldToken to the Staking pool to obtain $ALD rewards
1. Select the pool you want to mine on the Vault tab
2. Take Curve 3Pool Vault as an example
Enter the amount you want to deposit, then click "Deposit"
3. Check the deposited tokens in the following two places
4. Click"Claim" button to claim your rewards at this page
1. After depositing in Vault, click "Earn ALD" under the Vault page and go to the Staking page
(You can also click "Staking" in the menu bar to find the corresponding Staking pool)
2. After deposited in Vault, you will receive corresponding aldToken, for example: ald3CRV.
Stake your aldToken to the Staking pool and receive additional ALD rewards
Fill in the Amount field and click Stake
3. Click "Claim" to claim your rewards anytime once they are generated.
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