Deposit & Withdraw

Here is Concentrator's deposit & withdraw tutorials


  1. First, connect your wallet.

2.Choose the asset which you want to boost, taking cvxcrv as an example here, related parameters like total APY, Base Curve APR, and CTR APR will be shown along.

3. Click on Deposit, stake your cvxCRV

4. Input the amount you want to deposit, approve the token spending in your wallet, then your token will be deposited into the protocol. You may deposit assets like stETH, ETH, WETH, USDC, stethCRV, etc into Concentrator, your asset will be used to earn profit from Curve's Pools and Profits will be auto compounded.

5. After deposit, you can see your deposited asset in the pool and the CTR claimable here

6. Also, you can deposit cvxCRV or CRV directly into Concentrator by using deposit button on the right and getting aCRV.

7. Click on Deposit, you can choose which token you want to deposit, and the amount of aCRV you will take after deposit.

8. Enter the balance and click on Deposit. After confirming the transaction in your wallet, the deposit is completed.

9. You may check your claimable assets from vault profit displayed here.


  1. Click on Withdraw button to withdraw your assets.

2. You may redeem your CTR by clicking on withdraw button here.


  1. For those who had asset deposited before the IFO, may migrate their asset to join our IFO, and get CTR by just one button away! Firstly click on the Original Vaults button just beside IFO Vaults.

2. Deposited assets will be shown here, click on the Migrate to IFO button with 0 fees! Welcome to the very first IFO!

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