Vault Function Tutorial
Vaulting is the newest innovation from Aladdin DAO. It allows you to deposit and bond at a discount the rewards of different DeFi assets and LPs!
Home page
By clicking “Vaults” icon here, you will navigate to the Vaults page.
Vaults page
On the first column you have the asset that you can deposit; on the second column you can see the APY received for that asset (the rewards will be in $xALD); on the third column is the Total Value Locked; on the fourth column you will see your deposit; on the fifth column is the amount of $xALD earned.
Click the “Action” button on DeFi asset which you want to deposit into the vault. Taking renWBTC from Convex as example here.
Vault menu
Input the amount which you want to deposit, then click the “Approve” button
Click the “Confirm” button to approve crvrenWBTC spending - this is required just once (please make sure you have enough ETH to pay the transaction fees).
Vault deposit
Once the spending approval is confirmed, the "Deposit" button will replace the "Approve" one. Click on it to deposit the desired amount (again, please make sure you have enough ETH to pay the transaction fees).
Once the deposit transaction is confirmed the deposited amount will be shown on the fourth column and you will start earning $xALD!
Last modified 1yr ago