How to get CTR/aCRV LP

This tutorial will teach you how to get CTR/aCRV LP in Balancer

  1. First, click on the Withdraw button here.

2. Click on the Harvest button over here in the pop-up window.

3. Click on the Claim button here to get your CTR.

4. Now you had your CTR in your wallet. To increase your profit, you may also provide liquidity into Balancer CTR/aCRV LP. Find the row on the top of the Concentrator website.

5. You may deposit assets like aCRV, CTR, or both of it into Balancer CTR/aCRV LP to mine CTR during the IFO by clicking on the Deposit button here.

6. First, approve related asset spending in your wallet by clicking on Approve button in the pop-up window. PS: The asset you deposit here will be converted as CTR/aCRV LP in Balancer.

7. Select the assets which you want to deposit as CTR/aCRV LP, taking aCRV as an example here. You

8. Click on the Deposit button.

9. The value of assets you deposited will be shown here after a successful deposit.

10. When you want to withdraw, click on the Withdraw button, and select the amount of LP that you want to withdraw in the pop-up window.

11. Remember to check your claimable CTR and click on the withdraw & claim button if you don’t want to lose your CTR reward.

12. To view the details of Balancer Liquidity Pool, kindly click on the link here. You may check CTR price here too.

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