Aladdin DAO V2 Overview

What is Aladdin DAO V2

Our Vision

  1. 1.
    AladdinDAO becomes an asset management protocol that holds assets handpicked by the Boule Council.
  2. 2.
    $ALD becomes a crypto native asset representing Aladdin’s full portfolio of superior assets.
  3. 3.
    $ALD token emission moves away from the old block allocation to on-demand supply.

Upgrade Details

Primary Strategy: Bond to get $ALD at discounts.
Secondary Strategy: Stake to earn additional $ALD.
Liquidity Strategy: Provide permanent liquidity through Protocol Owned Liquidity (POL) to facilitate exit.
Floor Price Strategy: Ensure that the market value of the ALD does not fall below the reserve. When the total market value of ALD is lower than the value of Treasury Asset, a public buyback of Treasury will be initiated until the market value of ALD is greater than the value of Treasury Asset.