Stake Function Tutorial

On the Stake page you can deposit $ALD to earn yield on it.

By clicking “Stake” icon here, you will navigate to Stake page.

Core data about staked $ALD and $xALD rebase will be shown on the Stake main page. For details about Stake Protocol and the data definition, please refer to our staking section -

To undergo the staking process, input the amount of ALD (or click MAX for the maximum amount) that you want to stake, then click the “Approve” button to approve $ALD spending.

Approve ALD spending in MetaMask

Once approved, click on the “Stake ALD” button. As a reminder, your xALD will be vested for a period of 9 days. There's no cliff, so you will start earning rewards on the vested amount. Please note that you won't be able to withdraw the whole amount until after the vesting period!

Confirm the transaction in MetaMask.

Once the transaction is completed, your ALD balance will be deducted and be shown in xALD Balance. That's all, you've staked your $ALD and started earning rewards!

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