Staking provides ALD holders with a dominant strategy that allows ALD holders to keep their share of total supply constant when no incremental bond comes into the system.

When ALD holders stake ALD, they will receive 1:1 XALD, and get rebase rewards once per epoch.

Rebase rewards is calculated as:

emissionepoch=SupplyALDRewardRateemission_{epoch}= SupplyALD*RewardRate

The initial RewardRate=0.3%RewardRate=0.3\%

Staking yield is calculated as:


stakedALDstakedALD is the number of ALD staked

As each epoch is 6400 blocks (1 day), staking APY is calculated as:


Staking income is awarded to those who contribute to the system, with different lock-up periods. xALD enjoys compounding interest.

  1. Bonded ALD goes directly into the Staking Pool and will receive xALD with a 5 day linear vesting period.

  2. Staked ALD receives xALD after entering Staking Pool with a linear vesting period of 9 days.

  3. Airdrop recipients automatically get xALD and enter Staking Pool with a 9 days linear vesting period. xALD can be claimed when it expires and vested xALD can be unstaked to ALD at any time.

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