Security Bounty💰

Aladdin DAO has implemented a bug bounty program and invites bug bounty hunters to participate.‌


The scope of the bug bounty program is all contracts in the AladdinDAO V2Contracts / Concentrator / CLever / f(x)


The severity of bugs will be triaged and assessed under the CVSS Risk Rating scale. The rewards corresponding to the severities are as follows:‌

  • Critical (9.0-10.0): Up to $500,000

  • High (7.0-8.9): Up to $20,000

  • Medium (4.0-6.9): Up to $10,000

  • Low (0.1-3.9): Up to $2,000

In addition to bug severity, rewards will be paid out based on the impact of the discovered vulnerabilities, as well as the level of difficulty in discovering these vulnerabilities.‌


Any vulnerability or bug discovered must be reported only to the Aladdin DAO at Bounty hunters must not disclose the vulnerability or bug publicly or to another person or entity prior to contacting the Aladdin DAO team. In addition, disclosure to the Aladdin DAO team must be made promptly following the discovery of the vulnerability. Please include as much information about the vulnerability as possible in your email, including:‌

  • The conditions on which reproducing the bug is contingent

  • The steps needed to reproduce the bug or, preferably, a proof of concept

  • The potential implications of the vulnerability being abused

A detailed vulnerability report increases the likelihood of receiving a reward and may increase the monetary amount of the reward.‌

Anyone who reports a unique, previously unreported vulnerability that results in a change to the code or a configuration change and who keeps such vulnerability confidential until it has been resolved by our engineers will be recognized publicly for their contribution if agreed.

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