CTR Tokenomics

CTR tokenomics work the same way as Curve’s ve tokenomics. CTR holders will be able to lock their tokens for up to 4 years to get veCTR, and the ve power will be determined by the amount locked and the remaining lock time. veCTR bestows governance rights including the allocation of 50% of all Concentrator’s revenues, and depending on the outcome of the community vote, will likely earn most of that revenue. Concentrator’s revenue is denominated in aCRV, our auto-compounding cvxCRV token: representing real yield from fair fees paid by real users. After the IFO, Concentrator’s fee structure will be rebalanced to ensure that the protocol will sustain itself, that veCTR token allocations are attractive, and that users continue earning much more by using Concentrator (see Fees and Sustainability).

The maximum total CTR will be only 5,000,000 and all of those will be emitted by the end of the IFO (with 50% distributed to IFO farmers). CTR has no team or investor allotment, nor does it have any involuntary lockups or vesting. Locking CTR to get veCTR will be available within a few weeks of the IFO period for users to lock their CTR and begin directing and/or receiving platform revenue.

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