1. Connect your wallet.

  1. In the upper right corner, you can choose whether or not to display System Statistics, which include more detailed statistics and graphs: TVL, Total Supply, fETH Collateral Ratio, ETH Cumulative Return, etc.

  1. Here, you can mint fETH/xETH token with ETH or stETH. Please note that the minting fee for fETH token is 0.25%, and for xETH it’s 1%.

  1. Click on Redeem, where you can redeem your fETH/xETH for stETH. Please note that the redemption fee for the fETH token is 0.25%, and for xETH it’s 1%.

  1. You can set the maximum slippage here, with the default value of 0.3.

  1. Here is our Stability Pool. The deposited, unlocking, and unclaimed fETH will be used for rebalance. Unlocking takes 14 days from the last unlocking transaction. For detailed info please refer to “Rebalance Pool”

  1. Click Deposit to deposit your fETH tokens and start earning stETH!

  1. Enter the amount of fETH you would like to deposit, then approve and confirm the transaction in your wallet.

  1. You may see your earnings here. You can withdraw your stETH rewards freely, but it will take 2 weeks for the deposited fETH withdrawal.

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