Rebalance Pool

fETH Rebalance Pool (stETH) is an fETH staking pool where users can deposit fETH to earn returns. The earnings come from protocol collateral asset management. (in terms of wstETH). When f(x) collateral ratio falls below the stability ratio (CR<130%, please see the whitepaper for details), the protocol utilizes fETH in the Rebalance Pool for executing f(x) liquidation transactions. (Hence increasing CR above 130%)
fETH Rebalance Pool (xETH) is similar to fETH Rebalance Pool (stETH). The main difference between them is that the protocol will concurrently convert the redeemed stETH into xETH, when redeeming fETH. Users may gain more incentives in the rebound of ETH's price.
TL;DR: Earned wstETH will be issued linearly in a 7-day-long period.