Mystery School

Main page
By clicking “Mystery School” icon here, you will navigate to the Mystery School
Bolue Plus
To join our Boule Plus member, please click “Vote to Earn” button here
You will navigate to the Boule Plus home page. In order to be a Boule Plus member, you need to deposit 5000 $ALD. After you become a Boule Plus Member, you will have voting power on our future projects and earn $ALD for that! VOTE2EARN starts now!
Aladdin ASK
To navigate to Aladdin ASK forum, please click on the "ASK to Earn" button here.
Aladdin ASK Forum
You will then navigate to our Aladdin ASK forum -, where you can participate in different crypto & DeFi discussions, earning $ALD rewards for doing that. LEARN2EARN starts now!