AladdinDAO Roles


AladdinDAO is initially supported by a group of legendary DeFi veterans who act as the first batch of Talent Hunters for the DAO. Talent Hunters can recommend potential Boule candidates for the DAO. Talent Hunters are incentivized to attract talent with best performance records to fulfill the purpose of the DAO. Each Talent Hunter can invite up to 5 Boule Members, and it can include themselves.
To ensure Boule Members come from a diverse background, 20% of the initial Boule Members will be nominated by the Aladdin community directly. All nominees must be elected through a decentralized governance process to be appointed.

Talent Hunters

Talent hunters are responsible for attracting and recommending potential boule candidates for the DAO. The first batch of talent hunters -- are the initial backers of AladdinDAO -- are responsible for bootstrapping the talent network. Each of the initial talent hunters can invite up to 5 boule members (it can include themselves).

Boule Members

Boule Members are top tier experts in DeFi. They identify the most promising DeFi projects that enable AladdinDAO community members to enjoy returns on their liquidity mining programs. To ensure Boule Members come from a diverse background to fulfil the AladdinDAO’s purpose of collective value discovery, diverse diligence, decision making and community building, initially, 80% of Boule Members are nominated by the first batch of Talent Hunters and 20% of Boule Members are recommended by Aladdin community directly. All the nominated Boule Members need to be elected by the AladdinDAO community through a decentralized governance process.
Like the expansion and contraction of managers for asset management business, the number of boule members will change along with the TVL of the DAO. Top boule members have a promotional path to become talent hunters for the system. The boule members who do not perform, the system will rank them lower and eventually force them to exit the Boule in the down cycle.

Boule Plus Members

Boule Plus members are reservists of Boule. Boule Plus members can earn rewards through a voting mechanism similar to Boule. Anyone can become a Boule Plus member by satisfying the following conditions ( the conditions can be modified through community governance).
    Passed any one of AladdinDAO's Quiz.
    A verifiable Twitter handle is provided.
    Stake a certain amount of ALD.

Strategy Developers

Strategy developers at AladdinDAO are responsible for conducting technical integration of liquidity mining programs to the platform and writing strategy contracts. In addition to ALD incentives, strategy developers at AladdinDAO also get part of the performance fee from mining rewards.

DAO Members

Anyone can be a AladdinDAO member. We welcome all DeFi lovers to join AladdinDAO.
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