DAO Mining Mechanism
The DAO Mining Mechanism is designed to continually motivate Boule Members to find quality projects. There are 80% of ALD tokens generated through yield farming programs, of which 31% goes to DAO mining.
The DAO Mining Mechanism works as below.
    There are three roles in DAO mining, Boule Members, Talent Hunters and Strategy Developers.
    Out of 31% liquidity mining tokens going to DAO mining, 25% goes to Boule Members who identify quality projects, 5% goes to Talent Hunters who invite good talent to the Boule and 1% goes to Strategy Developers who create mining strategy contracts.
    In addition to ALD incentives, Strategy Developers at AladdinDAO also get part of the performance fees paid from mining rewards.
    DAO mining rewards are paid out in epoch and each epoch is about 2 weeks ( 100,000 block ).
    Boule Members can be rewarded for either Yes or No votes. Boule Members are rewarded for Yes votes to an outperforming pool and No votes to an underperforming pool. This design is to incentivize Boule Members to vote responsibly, independently and with high conviction level.
    The reward is adjusted by time decay factor to make sure that Boule Members constantly work on research for new quality assets rather than sitting on the existing portfolio's returns.
    Talent Hunters' incentives are ranked by the collective performance of the Boule Members they recommend.
    Details of rewards calculations are in DAO Mining Rewards Calculations.
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