Roles Election Process
Talent Hunters are responsible to attract and recommend potential Boule candidates for the DAO. The first batch of Talent Hunters are the initial backers of AladdinDAO who carry the responsibilities to facilitate bootstrapping the talent network. Each of the initial Talent Hunters can invite up to 5 Boule Members (it can include themselves). The invited members must be elected by the DAO through a decentralized governance process to be appointed.
The AladdinDAO Roles Election Process works as below.
    Talent hunters will be rewarded for inviting Boule candidates. Boule Members will be rewarded for their contribution and performance on research and voting activities in the DAO. Incentive details for invite and DAO activity are in the DAO Mining Mechanism section.
    The capacity of Boule Members changes with TVL of AladdinDAO over time. Let
    denote the number of Boule Members and let
    denote the TVL of AladdinDAO after the
    adjustment of Boule Members. Set
    N(0)=n0;tvl(0)=5,N(0)=n_0; tvl(0)=5,
    where the TVL is measured in billion dollars. The relationship of the two quantities is given by
    N(t+1)={N(t)+5, if tvl(t+1)tvl(t)>1;max{n0,N(t)5}, if tvl(t+1)tvl(t)<1.N(t+1)=\left\{\begin{array}{l} N(t)+5, \ if\ tvl(t+1)-tvl(t)>1;\\ max\{n_0,N(t)-5\}, \ if\ tvl(t+1)-tvl(t)<-1. \end{array}\right.
    As soon as TVL reaches a new level such that
    tvltvl(t)>1\left| tvl-tvl(t) \right|>1
    , an adjustment procedure is triggered and the number of Boule Members will be updated to
    . However, two consecutive trigger events need to have one month lapse as minimum in between. The first trigger event will happen at least 6 months post the protocol launch.
    When new Boule Members need to be added, each of the top 5 existing Boule Members (ranked by cumulative contribution over the last 6 months) will be promoted as Talent Hunter. Also, they are eligible to recommend new Boule Members and will be rewarded with talent hunter incentives.
    If the number of Boule Members needs to be reduced, 5 members ranked at the bottom of the list (ranked by cumulative contribution over the last 6 months) will be removed with minimum 30 Boule Members maintained at anytime.
    Boule Members can quit voluntarily anytime.
    Cumulative contribution is calculated by DAO Mining Rewards Calculations.
    AladdinDAO will adopt mechanisms to search for talent across the entire community over time. The goal is to decentralize the talent search and decision making process, all based on the on-chain track record. The long term vision is to build a decentralized investment engine to harness the for the wisdom of crowds as human society is swarming into the crypto world.
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