Boule Plus
To attract and reward talent from the entire DeFi community, 2% of ALD will be distributed from Option Reserve to Boule Plus members who have made the correct votes on an epoch basis.
Boule Plus voting is roughly the same as Boule, but they have the following differences.
Boule Plus
DAO Mining
2% of ALD Supply from Option Reserve
Listing Vote Calculation
Listing Proposal
Voting Period
3 Days
3 Days before Boule Voting
In order to receive Boule Plus rewards, members need to follow these steps:
    Stake 5,000 ALD to get ALD Plus token
    You can always unstake to get your ALD back ( *Please keep in mind by doing so may cause you to lose the rewards associated with voting )
    On snapshot, vote yes for pools you think are quality and vote no for pools you think are less quality.
    If you vote yes for an outperforming pool, you can share in the DAO Mining 2% reward.
    If you vote no for an underperforming pool, you can also share in the DAO Mining 2% reward.
    If you voted incorrectly, there is no loss either.
*The ALD Plus token represents the voting and reward rights of Boule Plus members. In order to receive rewards, Boule Plus members need to hold the ALD Plus token at the time of reward settlement for each epoch. i.e. if you vote correctly in an epoch but unstake the ALD Plus token before the end of the epoch, you will not receive rewards for that epoch.
Details of Boule Plus's Incentives calculation was described in DAO Mining Rewards Calculations For example:
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